Home Remedies for Heartburn and Other Health Tips

Heartburn is a very common health issue and can affect people of all age groups. The health condition usually affects adults or those who have a poor digestion system. The heartburn, which is also known as reflux is a disorder in the digestion system. It is also medically known as gastroesphageal reflux disease or GRED. Heartburn symptoms are generally common for every one. However, at times the symptoms can be difficult to manage. In a condition of heartburn, the upper gastrointestinal tract faces a shortage in water. This can happen if a person eats rich or spicy food items, swallow food that is not properly chewed, a habit of alcohol intake, improper sleep, a habit of eating or chewing food quickly. Heartburn Symptoms also affect pregnant women, as the growth of the baby leads to a pressure in the digestive tract and the uterus.The common symptoms will be a burning sensation in the chest, which begins behind the breastbone. This can also reach towards the throat. The condition of heartburn usually begins after eating and can star for either minutes or hours. The person will also have a sour or harsh taste inside the mouth. This can also lead to a severe trouble in swallowing food particles. The person can feel that food particles are sticking inside the throat and pressure in the chest and even vomiting tendency. The people who are suffering with esophageal cancer, erosive esophagitis may also have a feeling of food sticking inside the throat. The patient, who smokes, will have the felling of heart burning very frequently. In a case when the condition of heartburning is severe, it can lead to a chronic incidence of cough. The cough occurs when the acid breaks up inside the stomach into esophagus. Many researches done by the World health Organization has found that there is a deep connection between asthma and gastroesphageal reflux disease. The researches have found that the almost sixty-five of people who have asthma have been diagnosed with GRED or acid reflux disease. If a person is suffering with asthma in a situation when the acid reflux of the stomach forms esophagus and blocks the airways and the lungs. This can lead to a breathing difficulty, cough and wheezing.Heartburn can be treated some important treatment inside the home. The person who is suffering with heartburn should have an intake of water minimum ten to twelve glasses on an everyday basis, the food should be chewed well. The doctors also say that one should not miss meals; one should maintain a proper gap between meals. To avoid heartburn, one should avoid tomato, pickle, cabbage, radish, an extreme intake of coffee, fruit juices, vinegar, chocolates, fried foods, onion etc. One should go to sleep immediately after eating food. Some of the well-known home remedies for heartburn have been proven as a supportive treatment for this health condition. Like for example, while sleeping, the head and shoulder should be balanced and one should not use a high pillow. One can chew some pieces of tulsi or basil leaves, this can be very effective to give a relief in the gas forming and burning sensation. Some people also keep small piece of jaggery inside the mouth. The fruits in the cucumber, banana, watermelon etc are good to reduce the risk of acidity. Some times, eating Almonds are also good. Drinking coconut water, glass of cold milk always reduces the risk of acidity. The natural elements like Haritaki, Harida, Harar, myroblan, Harada etc are important elements that are used especially in India in the treatment process of dysentery, diarrhea, constipation and many other kinds of disorders in the liver and kidney. Many times, a small particle of clove also become useful in the treatment process.The problem of heartburn has been found as a significant cause for many of the health problems. Health and fitness management also has significant apprehension. Thus, people are adopting many physical and mental therapies to have a fit and healthy body. The health tips first mentions the need of nutrition and strong diet, which will include all foremost vitamins and mineral like green vegetables, Soya beans, peanuts, fruits, cherries, spinach, beetroots, cauliflower, plums, avocado etc. The nutritional food helps proper hormonal, physical, mental and other important functions of the body metabolism. The next is a proper exercise. One should maintain a proper exercise routine on an everyday basis. Many of the body workouts are helpful to control the condition of blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes etc.

Beat the Flu This Winter – Survive and Thrive! Fitness and Health Tips to Stay Strong and Fit!

17 years without a sick day! That’s my claim! I am not saying I have never felt poorly BUT I am saying no virus or flu has ever gotten hold of me long enough to cause a whole day off work in over 17 years! The reasons below are why! I’ll bet my house there are some things you can improve for your own health and happiness.It is unfortunate that some bugs or viruses will enter your body at some stage but when they get there – 2 things will happen!1. Your immune system will fight them off and recover or2. The virus will survive and multiply and produce colds and flu! This article looks at some great practical tips to boost your immunity this winter and stay strong and happy!NUTRITIONFRUIT AND VEGES (5+ SERVES PER DAY): The first and easiest thing you can do to boost your immunity is improve your nutrition. Seek and eat lots of fruit and vegetables! Aim for more than 5 serves per day! They contain natural disease fighting compounds called phytochemicals and antioxidants which can enhance your immune system.WATER (> 2 – 3 LITRES PER DAY): Water is also a big help to cleanse the body and remove toxins, including germs. By keeping body systems well hydrated, you can enhance your virus-fighting potential. Aim to drink 2 – 3 litres per day or more!SOUPS Soups can be a great way to get your vegetables, nutrients and water! adding some GARLIC will also help your immunity.SUPPLEMENTS To support a healthy diet you can also try taking a MULTIVITAMIN and extra VITAMIN C and ECHINACEA.TRAININGEXERCISE (>3 x per week): This is what has really helped me! Regular and consistent exercise! The benefits of all different types of exercise are too numerous to start on here but take it for granted that regular exercise stimulates the body to fight off invading germs and viruses. Moving your butt will also help you process any invasions by stimulating your metabolism and helping your body get rid of these bugs faster!LIFESTYLESLEEP (>8 hours/night): Probably the most important and overlooked lifestyle factor that can be easily improved for greater immunity and health is sleep. I have gone through periods myself – testing how tough I am by how little I can sleep and still work, train and play however this is FOLLY. For good health and to boost immunity change your lifestyle to include more than 8 hours of sleep per night. Your health and quality of life will greatly improve!STRESS: Stress comes in many different forms and from many different places. Identify your 3 main sources of stress and reduce them! It’s YOUR LIFE! (some sources of stress include: work?, bad communication/relationships?, smoking?, poor nutrition? no exercise? your own bad attitudes?)CLEAN: Stay clean and avoid germs by washing your hands regularly. Use a towel at the gym and avoid sharing cups, plates or utensils.There’s plenty more you can shield yourself form illness and disease but mastering these points would make for a great winter!